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This post was originally published on netzkaempfer.com. The old blog and domain is no longer active, but I’d still like to keep my old articles about web-based game development.

As a recent task it was necessary to create a RESTful webservice based on parts of an existing web application. The search for a tool to documentate the design and discuss it resulted in Swagger. We gave it a try and the first results are promising.

You can create and manipulate your API configuration in a JSON format manually or generate it automatically from your implementation. There exists modules for various RESTful frameworks like node.js, Java JAX-RS, etc. The generated documentation needs to be hosted on a web server. Each method can be tested by filling the specfied parameters in proper input forms.

Altogether Swagger seems to be a nice tool to generate API documentation with a nice layout fast, keep it up to date on code changes and quickly test any given method.