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Update on Mai 1st 2016: The original project team has disbanded. Some former team members asked for anonymity in my posts. I’ve changed the original project name to “AppCreator”, removed some links and personal information.

In my last post I asked for your support by voting for our idea “AppCreator”, so we can pitch at the Elevator Pitch BW 2016 in Böblingen. With 36 votes we were allowed to participate as one of ten contestants. We presented our idea within a three minute timeframe and afterwards the jury questioned us for three minutes. A short description about the event from the organizer can be found at the Elevator Pitch BW blog.

We pitched our idea successfully and were rewared with the third price and were chosen as the audience favorite as well. That gives us a small chance to participate at the federal state finale in June. The pitch has been published on YouTube, so you may judge our performance for yourself: