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A pragmatist who brings ideas to life in digital form... like a modern Frankenstein

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Between 2010 and 2012 I’ve developed games for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform and published posts about my development progress on the blog kaapedev.wordpress.com. The old blog is no longer actively maintained, but I’ve migrated all posts with their original publish dates into this blog.

About kaapedev.wordpress.com

This is the original “about” text for the blog:

I am in my early twenties, proud owner of a Bachelors degree in Applied Computer Science. Currently I am working for a big IT company and studying part-time for my Master of Science in Business & Process Management.

I live together with my girlfriend in Stuttgart, Germany.

In my spare time I try to develop casual games, currently with C# and the XNA framework, addressing gamers on the Xbox 360.

I started game development back in school with C++ and SDL. During the time I tried various other languages and technologies like Delphi, Java, C#, Python, Haaf’s Game Engine, Allegro, wxWidgets, OpenGL etc.

Until now I never really published anything, so the Xbox Live Indie Games are a great way to start. This blog should help to take this next step.


Meanwhile Microsoft has paid out the small revenue that my games made on XBLIG. The necessary W8-BEN form needed to be filled out properly. I’ve managed to clear this hurdle with the help of “noowanda” from the Xbox Live Creators Club thread How long before my W8-BEN form is processed? (XBOX).

Outlook on netzkaempfer.com migration

Another dormant blog of mine is netzkaempfer.com. In the next few days the domain will be shutdown, but beforehand I’ll migrate all posts into this blog as well.