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Update on Mai 1st 2016: The original project team has disbanded. Some former team members asked for anonymity in my posts. I’ve changed the original project name to “AppCreator”, removed some links and personal information.

We’d like to take the next step with “AppCreator” by pitching the idea at the Elevator Pitch BW 2016 in Böblingen.

There’s just a small catch. We need your online vote to participate at the event. Only the first ten ideas with the most votes may pitch their idea. Please register your e-mail or give us a like via Facebook at the elevator pitch voting site for AppCreator.

You may read up on our idea for AppCreator at my review of Startup Weekend Stuttgart 2015.

We get a three minute timeframe to pitch our idea for AppCreator and afterwards the jury can question us for three minutes. According to the FAQ the jury rates the pitches with the following criteria, each weighted 50%:

  • presentation: use of rhetoric, pitcher’s personality, contentwise structure and optimal use of the given timeframe

  • business model: Concept and development stage of the business model, the customer value, market relevance and the scalability of the business model

The last time I participated at such a regional pitch event it was a great experience. It was called “Gründerzeit Baden-Württemberg” and we participated with a game idea called “Social War” in 2012 in Stuttgart.

Why Böblingen?

The event takes place in different cities in Baden-Württemberg. We’ve chosen to participate in Böblingen for various reasons:

  • Böblingen is a great location for an IT-related business. Big companies like Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Daimler are just a puddle jump away and various small high-tech businesses are located there, e.g. at the Softwarezentrum Böblingen. In a study from 2013 Böblingen has been ranked at fifth place for most promising business location and growth in germany.

  • It is the first event that takes place in 2016 and we are impatient :-)

  • There is not much competition yet. Currently there are only four registered ideas.

Swear that you'll help us :-)

Please support us!

Just to remind you again: We need your support! If you like the idea of AppCreator please vote for us with your e-mail registration or Facebook like at the elevator pitch voting site for AppCreator.