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This post was originally published on kaapedev.wordpress.com. The old blog is no longer actively maintained, but I’d still like to keep my old articles about game development with Xbox Live Indie Games.

As you may have noticed, I have been quite busy for the last months. The studies are taking a lot of time, but I learnt a lot that might come handy in my future work life. I am continuously collecting all the information needed for starting my own small company 🙂

I added the link to the Axperience System blog of my former colleague and friend Axel. He developed a nice little website, that lets you generate chat rooms instantly. Check it out at chattory.com!

Today our class wrote the last two exams of this semester. On friday we will take an oral exam and on sunday I will submit the last term paper. Then I am finally free for the summer! Well, except for my normal work amount. Next week we will begin our Certified Associate in Project Management training, so that I can take an exam sometime this summer. Perhaps I will even prepare for the Certified Professional for Requirement Engineering afterwards, presumed I found the spare time for that.

Currently I’m working with the Google Web Toolkit, that seems to be my path to the web development world, as I couldn’t become friends with PHP, JavaScript, JSP or any other web technology. I really enjoy working in a “normal” Java environment that integrates well into my existing work style. For my next project I have an awesome idea growing in the back of my head, that heavily relies on the GWT. But first things first, Avatar Tower here I come!