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This post was originally published on kaapedev.wordpress.com. The old blog is no longer actively maintained, but I’d still like to keep my old articles about game development with Xbox Live Indie Games.

I finally managed to reconfigure my development environment in Ubuntu. The linux host will hopefully prevent me from further malware. Visual Studio is running in a Windows XP VM and I deploy the project directly to the Xbox, as the VirtualBox graphics adapter / my physical hardware doesn’t allow XNA/DirectX execution. This setting works quite well, although I have to switch to a full Windows when it comes to memory profiling with the CLR. I’m happy with Ubuntu. It simply works and I have all I need.

My work and studies don’t leave much spare time, but I’ll try to invest more time into Avatar Tower in the next weeks. I managed to migrate from XNA Game Studio 3.1 to 4.0 on the last weekend and also added toon shading and a soft bloom effect. The Avatar is also visible, but still missing animations…

At the end of this post I’d like to congratulate ProjectorGames to their huge success Fortresscraft. Who could anticipate that one can make a lot of money on the Indie Games? And why didn’t I have the idea to make a Minecraft clone for the XBox after it made Notch a millionaire?